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System 3 debuted with the introduction of the Mac Plus, and like the Plus, it forever changed the way Mac advocates used their machines. One of the most notable upgrades besides System 7 and Mac OS 8.

The performance of Finder (now at version 5.1) was increased. This was in part due to the newly created disk cache, which would store frequently used routines and instructions in memory instead of needing to re-read it from the disk.

System 3 was such a large upgrade because, firstly it was the first full introduction of the Hierarchical File System (the system was first introduced with Apple's HD20 hard drive, but not publicly announced). HFS was designed to work with larger drives, and be truly hierarchical and so HFS was able nested folders. MFS only allowed you to create folders at the root level. System 3 went on to win InfoWorld Magazine's People's Choice Award for OS Environment of the Year. HFS was finally replaced in Mac OS 8.1 with HFS Plus, which better calculated file block sizes according to maximum hard disk capacity

Other Improvements:
The Trash icon bulged when something was put in it, and the icon was changed to show the lines of the trash barrel pointing in the opposite direction for a more pleasing look.

The calculator being updated so that the on screen keypad looked like the keypad on the keyboard (the division, multiplication and equation buttons were arranged in the wrong order).

Zoom boxes were added to the right end of window title bars - clicking would make the window resize to just fit the contents of that folder, if possible - clicking again would make the window go back to its old size.