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OSX 10.0 code named Cheetah was released March 24, 2001
The long awaited upgrade to Mac OS9
System requirements
The system requirements for Mac OS X v10.0 were not well received by the Macintosh community, as at the time the amount of RAM standard with Macintosh computers was 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM, while the Mac OS X v10.0 requirements called for 128 MB of RAM. In addition, processor upgrade cards, which were quite popular for obsolete pre-G3 Power Macintosh computers, were not supported (and never officially have been, but can be made to work through third-party utility programs).
Supported Computers: Power Macintosh G3, G3 B&W, G4, G4 Cube, iMac, PowerBook G3, PowerBook G4, iBook (The original "Kanga" PowerBook G3 was the only G3-based Mac not to be supported by Mac OS X).
RAM required:
128 MB (unofficially 64 MB minimum)
Hard Drive Space: 1.5 gigabytes (GB)
800 MB for the minimal install

  • Dock — the Dock was a new way of organizing one's Mac OS X applications on a user interface, and a change from the classic method of Application launching in previous Mac OS systems.
  • Mach 3.0 — the Unix-like microkernel was used for XNU operating systems, and was one of the largest changes from a technical standpoint in Mac OS X.
  • Terminal — the Terminal was a feature that allowed access to Mac OS X's underpinnings, namely the Unix core. Mac OS had previously had the distinction of being one of the few operating systems with no command line interface at all.
  • Mail (e-mail client)
  • Address Book
  • New word processor replacing SimpleText called TextEdit.
  • Full preemptive multitasking support, a long awaited feature on the Mac.
  • PDF Support (create PDFs from any application)
  • Aqua Interface
  • Built on XNU, a Unix-like operating system and its Darwin development platform.
  • OpenGL
  • AppleScript
  • Supports Carbon and Cocoa APIs
  • Sherlock desktop and Internet search
  • Protected memory — memory protection so that if an application corrupts its memory, the memory of other applications will not be corrupted.